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'We always love to work with Blockman. Be in bockchain industry specially in an exchange means 24/7 with a load of ad hoc demands. The team is highly responsive, reliable and always punctual on deadlines. It’s a pleasure to know that we have an agency that we can always rely on.'

Malina Saiming
Marketing Manager

'Working with Blockman is an absolute pleasure. Their team is highly proactive and pro-positive, supporting our company's PR objectives in a very professional and client-friendly way'

Cristian Hentschel
Chief Marketing Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

To begin, kindly fill out our contact form and we will promptly get in touch to discuss your first media exposure campaign with We'll need to understand your objectives, timeframe, and marketing goals in order to tailor the most effective campaign for you.

After finalizing the package and payment, we may need some support documents for due diligence and images for the article, depending on the media outlets in the campaign. Our team will give you all the necessary details before the campaign launch.

What is your business model?

We operate on a fixed pricing model for all our services, which does not include any markup from media costs. We don't believe in imposing annoying retainers, but instead, we stand by the quality and results of our work. All our offerings come with a guarantee. You can rely on us to uphold our commitments when executing campaigns.

Who are your typical clients?

We primarily serve Web3 companies active in various sectors such as GameFi, Metaverse, and Blockchain. This includes businesses dealing with Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Decentralized Finance (DeFis), Centralized Exchanges (CEXs), Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), Layer 1 & 2 protocols, service providers, event organizers, wallet services, and payment gateways.

Can you assist with content production?

Absolutely! We collaborate with over 10 experienced content writers who specialize in various niches across the web. Rest assured, we are proficient in creating diverse types of content tailored to meet specific requirements. Our team stays updated with the latest trends and demands of different media platforms, ensuring we deliver suitable content every time.

The production process can take anywhere from a few hours up to 24 hours. This timeframe is dependent on our authors' current workload and the format of the campaign.

If you have an in-house writer, that's perfectly okay too. We can provide necessary guidelines to help them create the right content.

Do you provide a report after the completion of a campaign?

Yes, we do. We believe in maintaining transparency with our clients. Therefore, we provide a progress chart indexing all outputs for easy access. This includes all links, drafts, and requirements related to your campaign.

Is there a minimum budget requirement for campaigns?

Not at all. We don't impose any limitations on the size of your campaign. You can start with a budget as low as $100; the sky is the limit! We tailor our campaigns based on your preferences, timeframe, and budget, creating the perfect strategy for you. We cater to all budget sizes, ensuring every client gets the best possible service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept a wide array of payment methods for your convenience. This includes all stable coins and major cryptocurrencies, with support for key networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Matic, and more. Traditional forms of payment such as bank wire transfers, Wise, and credit card payments are also accepted. We aim to be as flexible as possible when it comes to payment methods to ensure our clients' convenience.

If you would like to make a payment in your native currency, please consult with our team.

What is your refund policy?

All payments made are non-refundable. Upon receiving the payment from our clients, we immediately book placements with our media partners to secure prices and prevent any fluctuations that are beyond our control. Therefore, we don't hold onto client funds.

In the event that we can't deliver the agreed-upon services, you can expect an equivalent replacement.

All clients are deemed to have accepted our non-refundable policy upon payment.

Do you require a signed agreement or Insertion Order (IO)?

While it's not a requirement on our end, we're more than willing to provide one if requested by our clients. If you feel the need for a signed agreement or IO, please inform us and we will gladly assist. We aim to ensure our clients are comfortable and confident in working with us.

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